TAIPEI 101 RUNUP is the one of the most challenging runup in the world. It will be a precious and unforgettable experience. Climbing stairs might seems easy. But things are different when you aim for the top of TAIPEI 101. Hereunder are some information you need for your reference.


  1. Make a list of all the equipment you will need on race day and pack it the day before.

  2. Assure your shoes fit correctly and are worn in a little (never race in brand new shoes).

  3. Make sure your shoes have good grip you don’t want any slipping.
  4. Wear appropriate clothing (such as an absorbent shirt, a vest etc) to assure you don't get too hot as it may be a cold day however once you begin to climb stairs you will soon heat up.

  5. Vaseline is always a good item to pack for areas which may rub.

  6. Bring a drink that you commonly use while training, you often get a dry mouth when you are nervous, but don't drink too much before the start of the event, assure you are already hydrated.

  7. Assure you have a comfortable pair of socks which have been washed at least once so they absorb sweat.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Start by building your fitness, schedule times where you can do some general fitness work, gym, fitness based classes,swim, cycle, run, walk etc.

  2. Begin slowly, building your distances and intensity each week, and having rest days where needed.
  3. Train straight after work or as soon as you wake in the morning, so you don’t have time to think about avoiding it.

  4. Prepare your training gear such as a stopwatch, a minute book, sports diary, running shoes, and clothing.

  5. Train in comfortable supportive shoes.

  6. Stretch out your calf and quadriceps muscles regularly when practicing your stair climbing.

  7. Do some strength work to build up your quadriceps and calf's as well as your core muscles for balance and increased power.

  8. Keep a training and heart rate diary to help you keep track of how you and your body is coping.

  9. Assure you do some specific training step by step.

  10. It is important to get used to exercising in an enclosed space such as a stair case as there are different levels of oxygen,temperature and air flow.

  11. Keep well hydrated. Join a group to help keep you motivated.


  1. Get to the event early with sufficient time to gather, get organized and warm up.

  2. Assure you are well hydrated.

  3. Eat breakfast earlier. Choose certain digestible food or functional supplement for building racing energy.

  4. You may want to bring a banana or other specific hydrate-supportive food with you to eat before the race.

  5. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and supportive, not too tight so it does not cut off circulation.

  6. Warm up sufficiently at least 10 min and a stretch after your warm up.

  7. Get you breathing into a rhythm as you step up. Breathe in for one or two steps and then out for one or two steps depending on how you are feeling and your fitness. This will help control your rhythm and keep your race nice and even.

  8. During the race, don't touch the Champion Chip on your shoes to protect the sensing chip so the result won't be affected.

  9. If you start to get tired, work on controlling your breathing, relaxing your upper body and face muscles and work on your stability by controlling your trunk, swinging both your arms and letting your legs do the work.

  10. If you need a break, take it. Sometimes a breather can assure you can finish the race much better than if you hit the wall and have to stop all together.

  11. Swap the leading leg so you are not always stepping up with the same leg first.

  12. Encourage each other and keep positive.

  13. When you see the finish line ahead, adjust your speed and steps in case you fall down.

  14. While getting to the finish line( RFID sense door) , you will be guided to the way out after judges assure the chip is well recorded.


  1. Celebrate and congratulate.

  2. You usually feel great at this stage and don't forget to stretch, cool down and re fuel.

  3. Take a rest on 91F and follow direction on the way out to 1F where you can receive your finish certificate.

  4. It is very important to re-fuel your body with some carbohydrates which will absorb quickly.

  5. Cool down and stretch is very important to assure you can walk comfortably the next day. And if you are lucky enough a massage is always great.

  6. Try to keep up your fluids all day (hydrating fluids, water, juice etc). Avoid beer, tea and coffee which will dehydrate you further.