Important Information(please read carefully)

  1. Do not register if there are any health concerns such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, asthma…etc. The organizers will not be held responsible for persons withholding such information.

  2. Water station service will be set up on several floors between 1F and 91F. For safety precaution, runners are not allowed to take water away from these stations.

  3. Safety first. Please ensure your physical condition before participate in race. The referees or doctors reserve the right to stop the runners taking part in the race without any refund.

  4. The Race Timing Chip is used to record the race times. Please refer to the instructions or enquire assistance from staff at the site if needed. The organizers will not be held responsible for loss of record on race timing chips due to personal negligence.

  5. Please keep safe custody of your race timing chip and race bib. The Organizers will not replace any lost race bib or chip, resulting in automatic forfeiture from the race.

  6. All participants shall grant authorization to the organizer for usage of video recording, photos…etc, of the race event for promotional and publication purposes.

  7. Any changes to race information will be announced by the organizer. If the race is cancelled due to force majeure, a refund of 50% will be made if the entry fee has been fully paid. Refund Method: For Self-Challenge participants who paid by credit card, the amount will be automatically refunded into the credit card account; For those who paid by convenience store transactions, money orders will be sent via registered mail to the registered address. For elite group or corporate teams, registered mails with money orders will be sent to runners(elite group) or the team leader (corporate teams).

  8. Any future announcements, rule interpretations or revisions concerning the race event and its regulations will be made by the organizer if necessary.

  9. In the case of discrepancies between the Chinese and English versions, the Chinese version shall apply and prevail.

Race Regulations

  1. It is the sole responsibility of a participant to ensure that he/she is healthy and physically fit to participate in and complete the race. Participants should understand the risks involved in taking part in the race and acknowledge the fact without any medical assistance. Any person who is suffering from high blood pressure, chronic diseases, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, inconvenient and asthma…etc., should not participate in the race. On the race day, each runner will undergo a health check before taking part in the race. Once passed, you will then receive your qualification voucher. All runners must run in sequence according to the bib number. Only the runners with the qualification voucher may enter the race course.

  2. If a runner still fails to pass the health check after taking some rest, the runner will be disqualified without any refund.

  3. Please wear appropriate shoes and clothing for the race and refer to the race bulletin and website for your allotted time slot for the race.

  4. Race start times may be adjusted depending on the actual conditions. Please follow the on-site staff’s instructions for the race starting order.

  5. Race Timing Chip:
    「2019 CTBC‧TAIPEI 101 Run-up」will provide runners the race timing chip to record the race times. All runners will receive the chip along with the bib number in the race pack. Please refer to the provided instructions or ask one of the staffs at the race site for any inquiries on how to wear the race timing chip. Final race results will be based on the times recorded by the chip and will be displayed or announced by the organizers.

  6. Violations:
    Runners who committed the following violations will be disqualified from the race with no refund.
    (1)Not being fully clothed or wearing proper clothing (for example - no slippers).
    (2)Removal of any clothing items during the race.
    (3)Making loud noises during the race.
    (4)Runners must pass the metal detector inspection before the race, anyone who doesn’t cooperate will be disqualified.
    (5)Use of prohibited substances, non-compliance with the rules or fraudulent activities.
    (6)Carrying prohibited items. For safety concern, all belongings such as backpacks, water bottles and any other items which could endanger the safety of participants are prohibited from the race course. Please follow the staff’s instructions. However, concerning participants’ needs, the following items are allowed, please follow the relevant rules.
    (1)GoPro:For safety concern, please use GoPro chest mount to avoid dropping during the race. Wearing GoPro on other places, such as head, is prohibited. (Figure1)
    (2)Cell phone: For safety concern, please use chest mount, phone sport armband, or hold tightly in your hand. (Figure2、3、4)
    (3)Sports bag:Due to limited race course space, in order to avoid collisions between the runners, it is not allowed to carry any back equipment, backpacks, and cross-body bags. Only the running belt as shown in the picture is allowed. (Figure4、5)

    • Figure 1
    • Figure 2
    • Figure 3
    • Figure 4
    • Figure 5

  7. Runners who committed the following violations will be disqualified from the race with no refund.
    (1) Taking the elevator up or receive assistance from another person or party during the race is prohibited.
    (2) If you need to take a rest, please inform the staff and follow the directions to the rest area. Please avoid stopping or sitting down in the runner pathway.
    (3) Any runners using substitute runners will be disqualified. They will be banned from future participation in any TAIPEI 101 and CTRRA activities or races for up to one year and announced on the website.

  8. Disputes
    (1) Contestant Disputes: Runners cannot dispute with the referees or officials during the race.
    (2) Dispute Procedure: Should there be any dispute, please inform the organizers within ten minutes after finishing the race. A deposit of NT$3,000 shall be submitted at the same time. If the review committee concludes that the dispute is not justified, then the NT$3,000 deposit will not be returned.

  9. Storage of Personal Belongings:
    (1) The organizer provide free bag storage services for runners. If runners wish to check in their personal belongings, please use the race bib number to check in as well as to retrieve your personal belongings. Please follow the instructions in the bulletin and arrive at the baggage deposit area at least 30 minutes beforehand. To avoid delays in starting time, please confirm whether the non-essential items have been placed in the storage bag before the return for the goods.
    (2) Please do not store any valuable belongings. The organizers will not be responsible for the loss of these or any items.
    (3) Baggage Deposit Time and Locations:

  10. Category


    Baggage Deposit Time

    Closing Time


    TAIPEI 101 Fountain Plaza




    Corporate Team

    TAIPEI 101 Fountain Plaza



General Liabilities Insurance

  1. Doing sport keeps one healthy. Yet, one must ensure his / her adequate sleep the night before the race, and have meal at least 2 hours before the race. The first-aid service will provide first-aid for emergency situation related to the race. Any complications arising out of any personal illness will not be covered by accident insurance. The organizer will provide general liabilities insurance with coverage of NT$1 million for every runner. (See policy terms for details of the insurance.)

  2. The insured shall be liable for the compensation of third party injuries, death or property damage in such occurrence during the policy period. In the case of claims by third parties, we shall be liable to the insured for:
    (1) Accidents on pathway, the insured or its employees as prescribed in the policy.
    (2) Accidents are happening to the insured inside the buildings, passages, machineries or other work equipment.

  3. Exclusion by the insurance:
    (1) Injuries due to personal illness.
    (2) Symptoms caused by personal illness, ranging from cardiovascular disorders, shock, heart diseases, heat exhaustion, diabetes, heatstroke, altitude illness, epilepsy, dehydration…etc.