How to register:

1.Registration Period:
From March 29, 2019 (Friday) at 12:00pm to April 8, 2019 (Monday) at 5:00pm (Registration closes when total number of entries is full)

How to register



Payment Method


  1. Please submit your registration online, the quotas are limited to 3,800 participants. 1,000 quotas are reserved for CTBC credit card (including VISA debit card) users. Payment transactions must be completed upon registration.
  2. Register on-line at the 2019 CTBC‧TAIEPI 101 Run Up website:
  3. After filling in all of the required information, please select the payment transaction method and make payment by the deadline. No changes to the registration information will be permitted after completing registration.
  4. All registered entries can be checked at the CTRRA website- ( The CTRRA will not announce the name list of race participants.
  1. Credit Card Payment:
    (1)Payment can be made by Master Card, VISA or JCB credit card (including VISA debit card) transactions. An acknowledge message will be shown once your registration is submitted. If you experience system error and do not receive any of the above, please contact the bank for the payment status.

    (2)Participants are eligible to get 10% off entry fee if they use CTBC credit/debit card to make the payment. The organizers will donate 5% of the registration fee which is paid by CTBC credit/debit card to CTBC Charity Foundation.

  2. Convenience Store Payment:
    (1)Payment can also be made by convenience store service.
    (additional fee of NT$18 handling fee to user for making transaction)

    (2)Please be aware that the payment transaction must be completed by 14:00 on the following calendar day in order to successfully complete the registration procedure.

Corporate Team

  1. All teams must submit the Corporate Team Declaration Form, Team List, Business/Unit/School registration Certificate and registration fee.
  2. Registration method:
    ●In Person:
    Registration and payment can be made in person at the Chinese Taipei Road Running Association (CTRRA). CTRRA Address: Room 206, 2nd Floor, No. 55, Changji St., Datong District, Taipei. Registration closes when entries are full.

    ●By Post:
    Please submit the Form with a postal money order, attn to: “2019 CTBC‧TAIPEI 101 Run Up Team” by mail. Registration order shall be subject to postmark date.Registration closes when entries are full.
  3. Result Notification:The organizer will notify the group leader of the registration result by e-mail on April 17, 2019
    ●Refund will be made payable to the team leader by postal money order to mailing registrants due to full entries. Handling fee and postage will be deducted from the registration fee.

    ●For unqualified registrants, refund will be made with an additional NT$1,000 administrative fee deducted from the registration fee.
  1. In Person-Payment at the CTRRA are cash only . CTRRA office is closed during public holidays.

  2. By Post-Please submit the Form with a postal money order (which can be purchased in the Post Office) made payable to “CTRRA” to P.O. Box 47-110, Taipei 103, Taiwan.

Vest Size








85 CM

94 CM

102 CM

111 CM

120 CM

L size will be granted in case no size is indicated during the registration. There is no guarantee that your selected size will be available; race vest sizes given will be subject to stock availability.

  1. Elite: Runners can wear his/her own clothing.

  2. Self-challenge: Runners should wear the race vest provided by the organizers during the race.

  3. Corporate Team: Team runners are able to wear their own uniforms to show their company identity and/or image.

If you have already completed the registration, and want to cancel the registration, please follow the cancellation and refund policy.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Date for Application

Refund Amount


2019 / 3 /29 ~ 2019/ 4 / 15 17:30


Refund request accept without any cause

2019 / 4 / 15 17:31 ~2019 / 5 / 3 17:30


  1. Proof document needed for the following situations:
    * Natural or man-induced disaster
    * Held up by traffic
    * Military service, military or education assembly
    * ickness or pregnancy
    * Engagement or marriage of registrant
    * Funeral of the immediate family
  2. Race pack must return to organizer if you have received it.
  1. Participants should be aware of and acknowledge the degree of fitness required to complete the TAIPEI 101 Run Up, and understand that once the registration has been completed, no changes to the registration information can be made, including names, categories, race vest sizes. No quota transfer is allowed.
  2. If you need to cancel the registration after payment, please contact CTRRA during the office hours (Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 12:00pm and 1:30pm to 5:30pm; telephone: 02-2585 5659).Please fill out the application form and notify Chinese Taipei Road Running Association through phone. Your refund application will be accepted should there be no conflicts. No refund request will be allowed after the cancelation deadline.
  3. A NT$30 admin fee will be deducted for remittance.
  4. Participants who received the race pack and requesting for the refund must return the race pack in good shape with unopened condition. If the race pack has been opened, refund request will not be accepted.